Before You Buy

What is the difference between Epoxy Pebble and Epoxy Flake?

The method of installation for both materials are different. Most flake installations are made either by ‘broadcast’ or ‘spray on’, whereas for pebble installation, it is hand trowelled – something similar to cement screeding.

After installation:

For Epoxy Pebble overlay, the joint lines between the tiles (grout) will not be visible and this makes cleaning easier.

For Epoxy Flake overlay, the joint lines might be visible at certain angles.

At Porousway, we recommend pebble for floor and flake for wall.

Can you come down for site access or quotation?

HDB toilets are usually build in standard size (between 35 – 45 sqft) and thus we are able to offer at a standard pricing. The elimination for site visit reduces our operational cost and that cascades to the affordable pricing for our services.  

Will the floor trap be covered?

The floor trap will not be covered.

What are the materials being used for Porousway Pebble overlay?

Natural pebbles bonded with water-resistant resin (epoxy).

How is the installation done?

The materials will be prepared and mixed only on site. The overlay is hand-trowel (i.e. similar to cement screeding) over the existing flooring.

I have a baby at home and worry that there will be chemical smells or odor during and or after installation.

The only use of chemicals use will be the mixing of epoxy – combination of Part A and Part B. There will be no visible smell emitted during the reaction and curing process.  

Would the surface colour deteriorate after brushing & washing?

There will not be discolouration as the pebble are homogenous and the colours are not dyed on. However, the gloss (shine) from the epoxy will wear out overtime but the anti-slip properties will not be affect. The application of a ‘kiss coat’ after 3-4 years of usage will be able to bring back the shine.

How long do we have to wait before we can walk on the newly installed surface?

Allow 7 hours for the newly completed surface to fully cure before stepping on it.

Is the surface rough? Will it cut the feet?

The surface is troweled and it will be flat to the feet but textured. The analogy of the ‘feel to the feet’ is that of stepping on fine sand-paper.

What if I have waterleaking issues?

If the source of the leak is identified to be from the bathroom, we will first resolve the water leaking issue by coating the entire existing flooring with a layer of waterproofing. The waterproofing layer will require roughly four hours to cure before the overlay of pebble overlay above.

What if I have waterponding issues?

Depending on the location and severity of the issue, the pebble overlay might be able to address the issue.

What warranty does your company provide?

There will be one year warranty against workmanship and material defects.

If the flooring is damaged (e.g. change toilet bowl) can the flooring be touched up?

We will be able to provide spot repair.

Please note that there will be slight colour difference as each batch of natural pebbles are different.

Must I install my toilet accessories first or after the overlay is done?

Both options are possible. The pros of installation of accessories first is the concealment of silicon (e.g. around toilet bowls) and also minimizing touchups. The cons of installation first arises when there is a change in fixture.

As the overlays are the finishing products, we recommend the installation of accessories first to minimize any touchups that might be required.  

How long will the Porousway Pebble surface last?

The anti-slip property is inherent to the pebble flooring and will not wear off. With regular and proper maintenance, the flooring will be in good condition even after 8 years (or more) of daily usage.

How long does it take to install?

For a normal HDB toilet’s flooring, it only takes 0.5 days.

Floor and wall overlay for one toilet will take between 2-3 days (depending on selection of wall material).

Need to remove toilet bowl or basin?

No removal of toilet accessories will be required. As the products are cast on site, we are able to lay it around any current fixtures (e.g. toilet bowl or basin).

Is this water proofing? Need to do water proofing?

Although the layer of epoxy acts as a sealer, it is not a waterproofing solution. If there are concerns of water leak, a layer of waterproofing will be recommended.

Orders and Payment

What are my payment options?

We accept PayNow and all major credit and debit cards. There is also the option for cash payment after job completion.

Is deposit/down payment required?

We accept PayNow and all major credit and debit cards and payment. There is also

the option for payment via cash after job completion. No down payment is required for orders below $1600.

There will be a 50% down payment for project value $1600 or more.

What is the order process like?

The order is confirmed when you complete the e-purchase. The installation team will be there at the scheduled slot for the installation.

Should there be any changes required to the order, please contact at us at 9633 6696.

Aftercare / Cleaning Process

How to clean? Difficult cleaning process?

Cleaning is easy as there will not be any grout lines (as seen in the pictures). We recommend using a hard bristle broom to scrub once a week. You can use bleach (Clorox) as the pebbles are 100% natural and colours not dyed on.

There are a few ‘runaway’ pebble on first use

For such case, you can use something flat to slide across the floor to “hit” that runaway pebble. That pebble is glued only by its edges (by epoxy) and will come off when you hit it from the sides.

How do I clean the floor?

We recommend to scrub at least once a week with a hard bristle broom.  

Scatter washing powder on wet floor

Scrub uniformly (especially the corners)

Allow the soap bubbles to sit for 10-15 minutes

Scrub lightly and rinse off with water

If deeper cleaning is required, the use of diluted bleach is possible – the flooring won’t discolour.

The floor feels ‘oily’ on first use

The ‘oil’ is a by product after the installation. The floor will feel ‘normal’ after scrubbing it once with soap (i.e. washing powder).

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